Offshore Financial Planning

Here at Liberty Enterprises we pride ourselves in having access to some the highest calibre wealth managers across the globe, with all associate groups passing our stringent due diligence background checks. We provide only the most secure and lucrative opportunities to our VIP clients.

Having a global reach and an extensive network, allows us direct you to tailor make investment opportunities that are not generally available to the average onshore investor. It is also important to bear in mind we are not tied to any one investment provider which give us both flexibility and most importantly an unbiased and objective view of the offshore financial landscape which in turn benefits our loyal clients.

Our mission statement is to help individuals and company to increase their net worth through strategic offshore investing in stable long term financial vehicles.

We offer seasoned fully qualified financial advisors that really care about their clients well being and long term financial success. Our advisors realize that not one investors situation or circumstances are the same and will take the time to formulate a tailor made plan that meet all your financial goals while adhering to what is know as in the industry as “best advice principles”.

Our advisors will take in to account in their decisions, your risk tolerance, time frames for availability of funds, current and historical fund performance, size of funds, funds fees /charges and of course levels of service you require.

We would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to our exclusive circle and look forward to over performing in regards your financial goals.

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