Who Are We?

We are a group of English investment bankers with more than 25 years of experience with Lloyds of London Insurance and Reinsurance Market (in the UK) and subsequently have been involved with Asset Management.

Our partnering European Firm has been established for more than 40 years and is fully licensed and regulated with the Swiss Government Financial Industry Regulator, FINMA and are of good standing with ARIF, one of the Swiss SRO┬┤s designated by FINMA to oversee independent financial services firms.

Complete due diligence was carried out on our Asset Management and was were subsequently accepted by our partnering Swiss Trader Firm to open an Umbrella type Trading account, so enabling any Clients to open their own “sub accounts” under our Master “Umbrella” account of our asset management firm.

Therefore, our clients are able to access a Trading Platform having their own username and login and without having to go through the lengthy and time consuming due Diligence process imposed by most international Trading Firms.

It can be in most cases a very complex and difficult process obtaining a Crypto Trading account, especially given that the trading of Crypto Currency worldwide is still a relatively new area, therefore many Trading Firms are extremely cautious about whom they are issuing new trading accounts to.

One added benefit there are no CRS reporting regulations established in Switzerland for the Crypto Currency allowing an extra level of confidentiality

With our background of 25 years of work experience in the English Insurance and Reinsurance Market, Lloyds of London and more recent wealth management experience, it has assisted greatly in our firm gaining a solid Trading account with our Swiss Trader partners.