Unique Feature of Services

  1. Trading account are established within 12 hours.
  2. NO REQUIREMENT for travel for owners or directors to open an account.
  3. As we holder a master account we are able to establish sub-account with limited KYC.
  4. We allow 3RD PARTY Deposits.
  5. Large buy and sell order is available up to 50 million per day in bitcoin.
  6. Order settled that day funds are authorized to trade and your chosen wallet credited.
  7. Sub-accounts come with full online login access for transparency regarding balances and trading history.
  8. We accept high -risk business as long as it is legal.
  9. NO set fees and you can ramp up slowly to test.
  10. Solution established with our Swiss institution you can be 100% assured your funds are safe and will be able to move a large amount of money with little interference.