Why do I need a Trust?

Increasingly our world is becoming more and more driven by litigation. Holding assets is fast becoming a liability and a magnet to government agencies and creditors. It has now become a sad reality that you stand a one in four chance of being sued , if your net wealth exceeds only 100,000 dollars.

With laws being passed everyday to benefit creditors and collection agencies it has become necessary to plan for impending legal action against you and your hard-earned assets.

Indeed, creditors and government agencies are well armed with an arsenal of legal maneuvers to strip you of your assets. Banks account in your name can be frozen, “Notices of liens” can be placed on your properties, your income can be garnered and even a safety deposit box can be seized with a “writ”.

However, with careful planning and specialized information, your assets can be protected. Offshore Trusts will allow you this security, while maintaining complete control over your assets and maintaining confidentiality with maximum asset protection.