Offshore Trusts

Trusts have been used throughout history as a vehicle to protect assets. In fact knights who went off to fight in the crusades used Trusts to protect their estates from government interference. Trusts allow property to be transferred from one person to another or corporate entity (The Trustee) to be held for the benefit of a selected individual or group of people.

Trusts have been used by the very wealthy for years to secure assets and pass on accumulated wealth to their heirs in private.

With the advent of offshore banking, Trusts are now not just a tool for the rich. They have become readily available to individuals of all income levels. For an affordable fee with little time consuming procedures, a Trust can be created. Form a trust by itself or combine the benefit of an IBC with your Trust.

The shares of your IBC can be held by a Trust, giving you yet one more layer of protection.

Trusts will allow you to transfer ownership of your assets in a safe and controlled manner while still maintaining ultimate control.