As the president of Liberty Enterprises I would like take this opportunity to thank the following clients for their kind words and ongoing support:

“Have set up three IBC’s through Liberty Enterprises Inc. They are by far the best offshore service provider I have encountered.”

Sydney, Australia

“Looking forward to doing business in the future”

Cape Town, South Africa

“I run an accounting firm based out of the UK and was thinking about going offshore. With the help of your company in setting up my offshore banking, I have increased my profits handsomely.”

Knightsbridge, London UK

“Great service and on going customer service”

Edinburgh, Scotland GMT

“Very well done and thoughtful service”

Tokyo Japan

“We need to move into the international market. Liberty Enterprises took care of all my offshore banking concerns and much more.”

Berlin, Germany

“I love how easy and straight forward your service is, really great.”

Beijing, China

“Working on many businesses at the same time, time has always been a factor for me. Your services were, effective and fast.”

Oslo, Norway

“Services both professional and informative and will be more than happy to send clients to you”

Rome, Italy

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As confidentiality is the corner stone of our business, no contact information is publicized on our web site. However, professional business references can be provided upon request.