Requirements & Process

The Panama Friendly Nations Visa application includes one main applicant and optional dependents, such as a spouse and children up to 25 years old.

The visa requires our clients to open a personal account in Panama and fund with $5,000.00 and also to incorporate a company where our lawyer will appoint you as the director/president and shareholder.

You will need to plan to travel to Panama at least twice so we can arrange for:


 Firstly, the opening of a personal bank account at a local Panama bank where you’ll need to deposit $5,000.00 as a minimum once the bank account is open. This process takes 15-30 business days. However, the bank account is the principal requirement to continue with the rest of the set-up process.

Once the bank account is open, we proceed to incorporate the company where you will need to be appointed as president and shareholder. We need to prove to the immigration office that you are going to use this company in Panama for a professional purpose.

We will also proceed to have your passport registered at the immigration office at this time.


Once the bank account is open, you’ll need to deposit $5,000 and request a bank statement of account to the bank with their stamp on it. Then you travel back to Panama in order to:

A. Get the health exams
B. Sign a few forms for the immigration office and power of attorney
C. Go to the immigration office to file the application

Required documents for the Visa:

1. Valid passport with validity of at least 6 months
2. Police record issued by the FBI/RCMP or the correct authority in your country that issues these documents, with the apostille or legalized before a Panama Consulate
3. Secondary ID, like a driver’s license.

All documents issued in a foreign language have to be translated into Spanish.

To open the bank account you will need to bring with you the following documents:

– Reference letter from a bank
– Reference letter from a lawyer, accountant or other professional
– Reference letter from a business partner
– Copy of your entire passport (the bank can make a copy)
– Copy of a secondary ID such as a driver’s license
– Proof of income, which can be provided in the form of payment stub from your current employment or by submitting the last three tax returns you have filed.


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