Our exclusive package includes all of the following for only $2995. We offer the most competitive prices in the industry.

  1. (I) A Panama or Belize International Business Corporation (IBC)

    • A certificate of Incorporation
    • Articles of incorporation (with English translation)
    • Resident agent.
    • Registered office.
    • Optional Nominee Directors (including pre-signed, undated resignation
      letters from the directors, notarized).
    • Share certificates issued to “The Bearer”, or to any person or entity that you designate.
    • First minutes of the board, notarized.
    • Foundations include notarized Private Protectorate Document.
    • Notarized & Appostled Power of Attorney in the event you require Nominee Directors. The Power of Attorney will be a blank space allowing you the option to insert any name you wish.
    • One corporate seal in the name of your IBC Company.
    • A Letter of Good standing for the company.
    • Original Board Resolution attesting to beneficial ownership bearing.
    • Subscribers’ appointment of initial directors and amendments thereafter
  2. (II) A Caribbean Offshore Bank Account

    • All accounts are opened at one of the most established offshore banks in the Caribbean with fully Insured accounts.
    • USD accounts and multi currency account are available.
    • All accounts have Internet Online banking.
    • Telephone and fax banking is also available with all accounts. You will be able to wire money any where in the world with one phone call.
    • Check can be issued and accepted under an IBC company name with only a ten day clearing period check deposited.
    • Certificates of Deposit are issued on all deposits.
    • A Secured corporate Gold Visa/ MC Debit credit cards will be issued once your account has been approved, allowing the luxury of accessing your funds from over 50,000 ATM machines across the world in complete privacy.
  3. (III) An International Offshore Brokerage/ Trading Account (Included at no extra charge)

    • International Brokerage firm with offices in Bermuda, The Cayman Islands and Panama
    • All accounts established at Reputable, registered and licensed international brokerage firm
    • Accounts are fully insured through both the SIPC and a major international insurance carrier up to US$99.5 million per account.
    • English & Spanish speaking licensed brokers are on staff to provide investment advice and guidance.
    • Online Internet access to accounts and trading using secured password and user ID.
    • Cost of trades rangers from as little as 25-30 US dollars per trade.
    • MasterCard Gold Debit Card (only available to accounts with minimum balance of US$25,000).
    • USD Checkbook will be issued.
    • Access to invest in all types of stocks, bonds, mutual funds, options, commodities money markets, etc. on all major exchanges globally.
    • All cash automatically sweeps into an interest bearing money market fund (optional).
  4. (IV) One hour of free consultation

    • Firstly we will review your business and formulate an offshore structure that best meets your unique business objectives.
    • Next we welcome any feed back from you to improve any aspects of out initial proposal.
    • The structure is approved by you.
    • All IBC and banking documents are then sent to your address via courier.
    • At this time we will contact by telephone to walk through the process of filling out all necessary forms.
    • Lastly we follow up with you and the bank to confirm your accounts are established in the time frame promised.
  5. (V) An offshore merchant account with all purchases. Add a merchant account for only an extra $999 USD.

    • Once your offshore IBC has been established, we will be able to offer you merchant account services with international processors and offshore banks across the world.
    • We accept Online Pharmacies, Online Tobacco stores, Software Downloads, Gaming Merchant Accounts and most high risk businesses.
    • Direct and third party accounts
    • 4-5 day set up time.
    • Visa, MC, Amex

(Please let us know if you require details on this service)