Our exclusive package includes all of the following for only $5499. We offer the most competitive prices in the industry.

  1. (I) A Panama, Belize, or BVI International Business Corporation (IBC)

    • A certificate of Incorporation
    • Articles of incorporation (with English translation)
    • Resident agent.
    • Registered office.
    • Optional Nominee Directors (including pre-signed, undated resignation
      letters from the directors, notarized).
    • Share certificates issued to “The Bearer”, or to any person or entity that you designate, however are kept at our law firms in house file.
    • First minutes of the board, notarized.
    • Notarized & Appostled Power of Attorney in the event you require Nominee Directors. The Power of Attorney will be a blank space allowing you the option to insert any name you wish.
    • One corporate seal in the name of your IBC Company.
    • A Letter of Good standing for the company.
    • Original Board Resolution attesting to beneficial ownership bearing.
    • Subscribers’ appointment of initial directors and amendments thereafter.
  2. (II) A European or Caribbean Offshore Bank Account

    • All accounts are opened to the most established offshore banks in Europe or the Caribbean with fully Insured accounts.
    • USD accounts and multi – currency account are available.
    • All accounts have Internet Online banking.
    • Telephone banking is also available with all accounts. You will be able to wire money anywhere in the world with one phone call.
    • A check can be issued and accepted under an IBC company name with only a ten-day clearing period check deposited.
    • Certificates of Deposit are issued on all deposits.
    • A Secured corporate Gold Visa/ MC Debit credit cards will be issued once your account has been approved, allowing the luxury of accessing your funds from over 50,000 ATM machines across the world in complete privacy.
    • Some of our banks are crypto-friendly.
  3. (III) One hour of free consultation

    • Firstly, we will review your business and formulate an offshore structure that best meets your unique business objectives.
    • Next, we welcome any feedback from you to improve any aspects of the initial proposal.
    • The structure is approved by you.
    • All IBC and banking documents are then sent to your address via email.
    • At this time, we will contact you by telephone to walk through the process of filling out all necessary forms.
    • Lastly, we follow up with you and the bank to confirm your accounts are established in the time frame promised and agreed upon.

      Add a merchant account for only an extra $1999 USD.

      Offshore international VISA MC merchant account

    • Once your offshore IBC has been established, we will be able to offer you VISA MC merchant account services with international processors and offshore banks across the world.
    • We accept Online Pharmacies, Online Tobacco stores, Software Downloads, Gaming Merchant Accounts and most high-risk businesses.
    • Direct and third-party accounts
    • 7-10 day set up time.
    • 5 days to 2 weeks pay out arrears.
    • Visa, MC, Amex
    • Crypto OTC buy and sell solutions also can be established.