High Risk Credit Card Processing Merchant Account – FAQ

Will I have to pay a large up front fee before I am approved
for my account?

Here at Liberty Enterprises Inc. we do not believe in paying large up
front fees for merchant account applications.


What is your discount rate for direct accounts?

Our Direct account Discount rate ranges from 5 to 6.75% and requires 6 months of processing history to secure.


What is your discount rate for Third party accounts?

Third party Master Merchant accounts range from 7-11% however these accounts
require no processing records and are therefore easier to secure.

We recommend this type account for new businesses without a proven processing
history. Once you six month of processing under you belt you can be switched
to a direct account with lower rates.


How much holdback do you take?

Hold backs (held for a 6 month duration) and will depend on your charge
back history and the nature of you product line.


How long will is take to be up and running?

Time frame to establish: 3-4 weeks once your application has been submitted


How much will I pay per Transaction?

Transaction Fees are 20 cents per transaction


What is your charge back fee?

Chargeback fee: $25


How often will I be paid?

When you first start processing most accounts have a one week lag before
first pay-out and then pay outs every 1-3 days for direct accounts and
weekly for
third party accounts


Will I be able to accept all credit cards?

We all major cards accepted


Our Multi Currency account available?

Yes, Multi Currency accounts are available


Our Virtual Terminal available?

Virtual terminal are available for companies without an internet presence.


Will my web site be able to integrate with your gateway?

Yes, Payment gateways are in place to integrate your web site easily.


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