Why do I need an IBC?

Whether you are operating your business, investing in the markets, or buying property, your private affairs are no longer secure. Within the last five years there has been an alarming increase in citizen control laws to the extent that your personal right to keep banking activities private and confidential, are now being seriously infringed upon.

Currently banks automatically report to government agencies on the activities of their clients, including you. What’s worse, your hard earned savings can now be legally garnished from your bank account by government agencies and creditors who may believe they have a claim against you. In fact you stand a 1 in 4 chance of being sued if your net worth exceeds $100,000. Not a lot of money!

In light of this current business environment in virtually every western country, it is not surprising that the offshore sector is expanding at an exponential rate. In fact most of the biggest names in Global industry have gone offshore. Companies such as Boeing , Weyerhaeuser, Sears Firestone Exxon, Caterpillar, Monsanto and nearly all the fortune 1000 companies.

Virtually anyone with a net worth can benefit from the use of an IBC. Imagine operating your business and personal affairs with 100% confidentiality, with no restrictions on your business, in your chosen jurisdiction. Imagine operating without the constant fear of law suits or creditors waiting in the wings to attack your hard earn profits.

The governments of our hand picked jurisdictions have enacted legislation in the form of the International Business Company (IBC). This provides an unbeatable vehicle for your business aspirations. Confidentially is guaranteed, directors of your IBC will remain anonymous, and names of shareholders are not recorded other than at the companies registering office, and may not be divulged to any outside authority. Shares may be issued as “Bearer shares”, nominee directors can be used, and of course there will be little or no restrictions on trade in our chosen territories. Your business will be able to trade internationally in compete privacy, free of onshore bureaucracy.

Banking records are secure and can not be given to government authorities of any country by law.