Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do we communicate with account holders?

The Platform Administrator does not communicate directly with Clients, they operate through approved Agencies in worldwide locations. 

Our Asset Management LLC is an approved Agency. Any queries or assistance the Client requires will be done by support from them. The Client will have access via online account to view his investment account, to select funds to invest in, to complete Forms to make free Withdrawals or the Client can request that they are assisted with these operations on their behalf 

  • What currencies can you send out?

There are 3 base currencies available for their investment accounts, which are USD, GBP and EUR   

  • Where are funds deposited?

For US Dollars investments, money is deposited to HSBC in New York, USA 

For EUR/GBP investments, money is deposited to Standard Chartered Bank in London, UK   

  • Can we deposit over weekend and overnight?

Yes, if the Sending Bank´s office or ATMs are open

  • What are limits on receiving accounts?

Subject to appropriate supporting documents there is no limit

  • Do you confirm funds received from clients?

As soon as the money deposit is received at the Platform Administrator´s Bank, they will inform both us and we in turn inform the Client 

  • How much does platform have under management 

USD 1.5 billion

  • In which country holding funds

HSBC and Standard Chartered Banks are used for receiving money. Once Clients open an investment

account and are holding part of their Portfolio in Cash, the Custodian Banks used are Brown Brothers Harriman and Merrill Lynch Bank of America.   

  • Does Platform accept third party wire out and in?

No, only first party in and out but exception can be made with good KYC