Features Investment Platform

  • Accepts Online business, Gaming, forex, firms raising capital 
  • Can accept Very Large fund transfers up to 100s of millions with proper KYC
  • Excellent online investment Platform and very user friendly, agile 
  • Investment accounts are less intrusive than opening accounts with regular Commercial Banks, that are nowadays are asking much more information from Clients in terms of KYC
  • Stability of the Caymans islands Territory/Jurisdiction
  • Security – each Client has his investments within segregated Trust/s
  • Security – All money transactions directly with HSBC Bank in New York, or Standard Chartered Bank in London, both major World Banks
  • Diversity – access to a wide range of “Managed” Funds globally and different range of investment Products such as Structured Notes
  • Excellent levels of service. Very quick to respond…usually same day.
  • Almost 100% Paperless – Applications and any subsequent messaging done directly
  • Online within their web site so no email exposure. 
  • Free Partial Withdrawals – can be done at anytime only a 10% balance required on account to avoid fees, up to 90% can be wired out with no fees.

Required KCY

  • Clear and legible color copy of a valid Identification Document including signature of the Plan Participant, must show expiry date.
  • Clear copy of Proof of Address of the Plan Participant with 3 months old
  • If account under an Inc full incorporation documents.