Is it safe to send large wire transfers to your firm?
We hold a master account with a fully regulated Swiss brokerage firm, licensed and regulated with the Swiss Government Financial Industry Regulator, FINMA and are in good standing with ARIF, one of the Swiss SRO´s designated by FINMA that oversee independent financial services firms. All funds are ring-fenced in client’s sub-accounts. Your funds will be 100% secure and safe.

How long does it take to receive my Bitcoins from the time funds are received and order placed?
All orders in most cased carried out the day the trade is placed with bitcoins credited to your specified wallet that day.

Can you receive Third-party wire?
Yes, we can receive third-party wire and funds, credited to your sub-account.

Can you receive funds in other currencies?
Yes, we can receive funds in 162 different currencies.

Once I sell my Bitcoins can I have my funds wired out to any nominated bank account anywhere in the world?
Yes, we can wire out to third party accounts too.

How many Bitcoin can I buy per day?
At this time, we can fulfill up 5000 bitcoins per day.

What are your fees?
No set up fee to establish accounts. Trading fees available upon request.

Will I have online access?
Yes, username and password, the portal will show all deposits incoming and outgoing, trading fee and buy and sell history.

Do you offer a full trading platform?
Traders are placed by e-mailing our trading desk instructed number coins to buy at a market or limit trade, we are integrated into 37 global exchanges and can achieve very completive pricing.

What are your KYC requirements?
Our current requirements for KYC are limited:

  1. Scanned color Passport copy.
  2. Utility Bill to confirm your address.
  3. Incorporation document if your account is established under a company name.
  4. Completed account application, around 3 pages long


Do you have an agent ISO program?
Yes, and we are always interested in working with agents and ISOs and can place a wide array of clients to buy and sell bitcoin and of course we offer commissions.

At this time, we also work with Bitcoin traders, Forex and Gaming merchants that wish to place large orders of bitcoins.