How long have you been in business?

We have been providing offshore services since June of 1995 and have had an Internet presence since April 2003.


Can you provide business references before I start doing business with your firm?

Absolutely! We have many satisfied clients who will be more than happy to recommend our services.


What is an IBC Bank account?

IBC is an abbreviation for International Business Corporation. An IBC is in essence an incorporated company situated in an offshore jurisdiction, An IBC allows you complete privacy and asset protection in regards to your dealings.


Why do I need an IBC?

There are many reasons:

  1. Privacy, your right to privacy is all but gone in regard to banking confidentiality.
  2. Asset Protection, to protect you from lawsuits and creditors, if you earn $100, 000 a year or more, you stand a 1 in 4 chance of being sued in your lifetime.
  3. Conduct your business in a completely confident offshore jurisdiction.
  4. Estate planning, for accumulation of wealth that can be passed on to beneficiaries


What can I do with an IBC?

IBC’s will allow you all of these benefits

  • Manage an offshore Portfolio
  • Conducted offshore banking
  • Own properties and ships and boats.
  • Trade Stocks and commodities
  • Lease Equipment and property
  • Use for International Trade
  • Conduct consulting services
  • Hold Intellectual Property
  • Utilize for Financial Planning
  • Assist with Retirement Planning
  • Hold assets secretly


What criteria do you use for selecting offshore jurisdictions?

Any Jurisdiction we unitize must fulfill the following criteria.

  1. Be politically stable
  2. Follow a policy of free trade.
  3. Have no currency control in regards to bring funds in and out of the jurisdiction.
  4. Have excellent telecommunication and be English speaking.
  5. And lastly have legislation guaranteeing complete confidentiality, with civil and criminal penalties for any disclosure to any outside parties.


What is a Nominee director?

This is simply an appointed person who will act as a director on your behalf, giving you an extra level of confidentiality as your name will not show up as a director on your IBC.

What is the difference between bearer share and registered shares?

Registered shares are registered at our lawyers offices and of course held confidentially.

Bearer shares are not registered, and our owned by the individual who hold them in there procession, this allows you an extra level of confidentiality.

What are shares with par value and without?

Share with par value have a value attached to them.

Share with out par value have no value attached to them.

My money is fine in my bank. Why should I go offshore?

You can keep your money in your bank where it can be easily be controlled and exploited or you can be pro active, intelligent and safe guard your hard earned savings with the incredible advantage of offshore banking.

Is Offshore Banking safe?

Statistics show that offshore banking is far safer than banking at home. Many banks are no longer stable and do not even carry enough funds to cover all of their clients banking deposits. Offshore banks our required to have far greater reserves than their on shore counterparts, carrying enough funds to cover all banking deposits.

I heard that offshore banking is just for the rich and wealthy.

Thousands of Americans of average wealth are moving assets offshore. You have, until today, been cut out of the process, not because you lack capital, but because you lack information and knowledge.

You can open an offshore account with a deposit as little as 200 US$. Offshore banking is not just for the rich and wealthy.

Offshore Banking seem too complicated

With the advent of the Internet and modern communications anyone can open an offshore bank account just as easily as opening an on sure or any other domestic bank account.

Do I have to travel to open an offshore account?

Through years of business in the offshore field our company has established relationships with a wide array of institutions to form IBCs, offshore bank accounts, offshore trusts and brokerage account. This enables our clients to establish their offshore structures without having to travel or leave the office.

Will I be able to access my account through the Internet?

Yes. Nearly all of our offshore banks offer Internet access to our clients. Once your bank account has been established you will have the choice of Internet access, telephone banking and sending banking instructions via fax. We will give you maximum flexibility with your business and personal affairs.

Will I have complete control of my offshore account?

Yes, Our clients have complete control over their accounts at all times. When your account is established you will be able to nominate signatories for your account. No one but the signer will have access to your account.

How will I be able to access my money from my offshore account?

  • Funds can be wired directly from your offshore account into your domestic account.
  • Once your offshore bank account is opened, Visa/ MasterCard and debit cards can be issued.These cards can be used to make purchases from merchants and withdraw cash from the more than 20,000 ATM bank machines across the world.
  • Money can be borrowed from the offshore company or Trust. The IBC is treated as a completely separate legal entity and can make loans to individual or corporate entities.
  • Assets such as real estate, cars and businesses can be purchased through an IBC or Trust. This way assets can be held under an IBC corporate name or Trust giving maximum asset protection and confidentiality.

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