Costa Rica

Offshore Jurisdiction of Costa Rica

Costa Rica, with an area of approximately 50,000 square kilometers, is located in Central America, between Nicaragua (on the Northwest) and Panama (on the Southeast). To the North, it limits with the Caribbean Ocean, and to the South, with the Pacific Ocean. Costa Rica is famous for the kindness of its people, for the diversity of its flora and fauna and for not having an army.

Advantages of Costa Rican Companies
  • Total confidentiality and privacy.
  • Does not require official beneficiaries.
  • No annual financial statements require to be filed each year.
  • No annual meeting of the partners or directors needed.
  • Corporations may operate freely inside the Costa Rican territory.
  • Complete business privacy.
  • There is no minimum or a maximum of Registered Capital.
  • Directors and Officials can be of any nationality and can be a resident in any country.
  • No exchange controls whatsoever.
  • Political Stability.
Costa Rican Company Details

It is not necessary to travel to Costa Rica to form a Costa Rican company. We can take care of all the necessary steps while you run your business.

  • Corporation Name
    The name of the corporation can be in any language but must include the suffix of “Sociedad Anonima”, which is abbreviated to S. A.
  • Ready Made Corporations
    We have a list of shelf companies that can be issued in under 24 hours.
  • Authorized Capital
    There is no minimum authorized capital. The shares of the corporation are common and represent by equal parts the authorized capital.
  • Directors
    A minimum of three directors and a controller are required. There are no restrictions in respect of the domicile, nationality or residence of directors.The minimum officers are required, a President, a Secretary and a Treasurer. We can provide the nominee directors and officers.
  • Secretary
    Only one is required and there are no restrictions in respects to nationality.
  • Resident Agent
    Costa Rican legislation requires that each corporation has a lawyer as a Resident Agent in Costa Rica but only as long as none of the power holders of the corporation has his domicile in Costa Rica.
  • Information which is Recorded in the Public Registry
    Articles of Incorporation or Charter, names and addresses of the founding partners, names of the Directors and Resident Agent.
  • Authorized Books
    The company must have a Minutes of General Assembly Book, a Minutes of Board of Directors Book, a Shareholders Registry Book, and the three accounting books. These documents must be authorized by a competent Taxing Authority, and can be stored in any part of the world, if the Charters authorizes so.
  • Filing of Financial Statements
    Corporations that do not have economical operations in Costa Rica, are not required to file a Financial Statement before any National Authority.
  • Meetings
    Corporations that do not have operations in the Costa Rica, are not require to hold any annual meeting.

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