Company Policy

Liberty Enterprises Inc. Tax Policy

Here at Liberty Enterprises Inc. we do not give out taxation advice of any kind. We further advise you to consultant with your local tax adviser or attorney and operate your business and personnel affairs in accordance with ALL your local tax laws.

Please also CLEARLY NOTE: We do not open Offshore IBCs, Foundations, trusts, offshore bank accounts, Forex or offshore brokerage accounts for US citizens.

Merchant services may be offered however only for international trading and NOT under any circumstances to convenient any US taxation laws.

Liberty Enterprises Inc. Anti-Money Laundering Policy

The Proceeds Of Crime Act, 2000

The Proceeds of Crime Act, No. 16 of 2000 (the “Act”) prohibits anyone from conducting or attempting to conduct certain financial activities that involve the proceeds of unlawful activities. Money Laundering is an offense. A person engages in Money Laundering where:

  • the person engages, directly or indirectly, in a transaction that involves money or other property that is proceeds of crime; or
  • the person receives, possesses, conceals, disposes of, or transfers any money or other property that is proceeds of crime; and the person knows or ought to reasonably have known, that the money or other property is derived, obtained or realized directly or indirectly, from some form of serious offense.

As the transfer of assets into a limited partnership, trust, corporation or other entity may constitute such a transaction within scope of the Act, it is necessary for your protection and ours, that you swear under oath that none of the assets intended to be transferred to such entities were derived from any of the activities specified in the Act which would constitute Money Laundering. Therefore our firm required all clients to sign an Anti-Money Laundering affidavit before any kind of company formation or banking introduction can be established.

Further, Liberty Enterprises Inc. will not engage or assist any individuals or groups involved in Terrorist Activities, Drug Dealing, selling of Controlled Substances, replica goods, marketing gambling service to US CITIZENS, Fraudulent Activities, Ponzi schemes, Arms Dealing, Human Organs, Live Animals and websites promoting Hate, Racism or any form of Discrimination.

Liberty Know Your Client Policy

We adhere to careful KYC guidelines to prevent our services being used intentionally or unintentionally by criminal elements for money laundering activities.

To become a client of Liberty Enterprises Inc you will be required to submit supporting document such as passport copies, address proofs such as Utility bills, bankers reference letters and professional references.

Liberty Enterprises Inc. Privacy Policy

We at Liberty Enterprises Inc. are aware of the need for strict confidentiality in your offshore financial ventures. We will not disclose information that you give us in confidence. Your e-mail address will NOT be distributed or sold to third parties. The information we collect is used for internal use only and is then discarded.

All jurisdictions impose severe penalties for disclosure of confidential information, which may be fines or incarceration, or both. This sort of legislation is designed to protect individuals seeking offshore sanctuary from private aggressors or governmental authorities. Governments in these jurisdictions are only able to sustain their economies through the promise of corporate and banking confidentiality.