Buy and Selling Details

How the buying of Bitcoins works:

  1. Funds are deposited. (Client makes a wire transfer directly to the Swiss Trader Firm´s bank account with the mandatory mentioning of their Sub Account number and clients company name in the “Memo” or similar receiver information field of their wire order
  2. The Purchase Order (of BTC) is placed by e-mail and all Fees come out from the deposited cash in the moment of the purchase.
  3. Resulting BTC are transferred to client’s wallet in accordance with specific instructions


How the selling of Bitcoins works:

  1. The client will Trading desk either by email and inform the number of bitcoins coins they wish to sell. The trading firm provides their “wallet” to receive Client´s coins.
  2. The initial “authentication” takes between 15-30 minutes, following this the Sale of the bitcoins proceeds immediately.
  3. After each completed sale, funds will show on the “Cash Balance” section of the Client´s sub-account less trading fees. The remaining asset manage fees come out from the Cash Balance monies showing following the Sale.
  4. Wire Transfer is then possible after the sale that same day. Furthermore, it is also possible to send money to 3rd Party bank accounts anyway where globally.