The Offshore Jurisdiction of The British Virgin Islands

The British Virgin Islands are a small group of islands in the Caribbean Sea located 60 miles east of Puerto Rico. The BVI has excellent airline connections with Puerto Rico’s capital of San Juan, which is a major hub for American Airlines. The BVI offshore services industry enjoys the advantages of having responsibility for its internal self-government, while maintaining the political and economic stability of a British overseas territory.

British Virgin Island’s IBC Company Law

International Business Companies in the BVI (“IBCs”) are companies incorporated in the British Virgin Islands (“BVI”) under the International Business Companies Act, 1984. They are allowed to operate completely tax free in the BVI as long as they do not conduct any business locally in the BVI. This makes them a very attractive vehicle for international business owners.

Why the use The British Virgin Islands?
  • Strict complete confidentiality protected by law.
  • Commitment to integrity.
  • Politically stable, common law jurisdiction
  • English speaking.
  • Competitive pricing.
  • US Dollar is the official currency
  • NO exchange controls whatsoever.
  • Established professional infrastructure.
  • Ease of transfer of companies to and from the BVI.
  • Modern, flexible mutual fund, insurance and trust legislation.
Advantages of the British Virgin Islands for IBCs :
  • IBCs require only one director and one shareholder.
  • NO requirement to appoint a secretary or any other officer.
  • Shareholders, directors and officers can be individuals or corporations.
  • Same day name approval is available.
  • BVI incorporated can be established within five days, no wasted time for your business.
  • Shareholders, directors and officers can be of any nationality and residence shares may be issued to bearer.
  • There are no requirements to hold shareholders’ or directors’ meetings in the BVI.
  • Meetings can be held by telephone or other electronic means.

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