Overview of Bitcoin Trading

Are you looking for a safe and secure OTC desk where you can buy and sell large amounts of Bitcoin (BTC) and other top crypto currencies? Here at Liberty Enterprises with specialize in securing Crypto trading accounts for individuals and private businesses at some of the top OTC desks globally.

A BTC Trading Platform that Meets Your Needs

Although finding a reliable BTC exchange can be a daunting task, with our extensive network within the Crypto eco system and our reputation within the industry we are confident we can meet all your Crypto trading needs.

Liberty Enterprises works closely with our partnering European Firms. One core relationship having been in the Brokerage trading arena for over 20 years. A fully licensed Distributed Ledger Provider to provide custody solutions, broker / dealer services regulated within Europe Government Financial Industry Regulator (FINMA) and is in good standing with Association Romande des intermédiaires financiers (ARIF), a self-regulatory organization (SRO.)

This ensures once you begin your BTC trading you will benefit from enhanced safety and security to ensure zero data leaks as well as the highest level of customer support to ensure quick processing of your trades and inquiries. You will also have access to all our risk management and educational resources to take control of your BTC trading, which can otherwise be risky due to Bitcoin’s market volatility.

Furthermore, because we will establish your “sub account” under a Master “Umbrella” account, you will have access to a BTC trading platform with your own username and login with minimal KYC , in as little as 12 hours with few trading restrictions.

Get Started Today

Contact our team at Liberty Enterprises to join a global community of business and private individuals who have discovered a revolutionary new financial world trading popular and highly profitable cryptocurrencies. We will make every effort to make your trading as hassle free and as secure as possible.

Call us today at 1718 285 3888 (calls outside North America) or 1-800-577-0381 (toll-free within North America) or contact us online to learn more about our services or talk about opening a Crypto trading account.