E-Check / ACH Requirements?

High Risk ACH Merchant Accounts For Processing E-checks, Web Checks, Checks-by-phone and Check Collections

  • Process electronic checks or E-checks, guaranteed checks, web checks, check collections (delinquent ACH checks), and checks-by-phone.
  • ACH checks for inbound telemarketing, mail/phone orders, catalogue sales, re-occurring billing, travel, tobacco-cigar/cigarettes, MLMs, pharmaceuticals.
  • International merchants can process U.S. ACH checks (U.S. bank accounts required for International merchants, we will arrange).
  • Canadian merchants can process ACH checks in U.S. currency.
  • Unlimited ACH check volume.
  • Underwriting requirements are less stringent than credit cards.
  • Excellent ACH virtual terminal for single transactions, batch uploads and re-occurring billing for eCommerce merchants, API available as well.

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