ACH / E-Checks FAQ

What is ACH or E-Checks?

ACH stands for Automated Clearing House. The ACH network was set up to operate as a highly secure nationwide electronic fund transfer and clearing system within the US.


Is it worth my while to set-up ACH for my company?

Yes as a large percentage of US consumers do not use credit cards. ACH will allow you to increase your sales by 20% with far less risk of charges backs that are associated with credit cards.


Is it easy for my customers to use?

Yes, very easy, all your customers have to do is simply enters their check details on your website and funds are debited directly into your business account.


How long has you company been in business?

We have been in business over 11 years and have over 1000 merchants currently processing through us.


Will I have to pay an up front fee before I am approved for my high risk merchant account?

No fee will be due until you have been approved. Once you are approved there will be a minimal fee due.


How long will it take to get approved?

We guarantee a 24 hour approval time once we have the required documents in hand.


What documents do I need to provide to be approved?

  • Signed ACH application
  • Faxed or scanned copy of Incorporation paper
  • Scanned copy of owner’s passport
  • 3 months of bank or credit card statements
  • Void check or signed wire instructions for over- seas accounts
  • Fully functional US customer service number.


What businesses do you accept?

  • Adult websites
  • Online Pharmacies
  • Herbal websites
  • Online Tobacco sites
  • Software and Music download companies
  • VOIP companies
  • Debt collection companies
  • Replica watch, bag and shoe sellers
  • All low risk online retailers

We can not accept the following two businesses

  • Outbound telemarketing companies
  • Online gaming companies


How much hold-back do you take?

There is no hold-back for our ACH solutions.


How often will I be paid?

For accounts set up under a US bank account, daily pay outs 5 days in arrears. Over-seas accounts are paid out weekly 5 days in arrears.


Is there a limit to how much I can process per month?

No limits on processing volumes.


Do I have to have a US bank account to use ACH?

No. Funds can be wired anywhere internationally.


Are Virtual Terminals available?

Yes, we offer an excellent ACH Virtual Terminal for single transactions, batch uploads and re-occurring billing for eCommerce merchants.


Do you offer re-occurring?

Yes of course.


How secure is your gateway?

We currently offer unparalleled security, thanks to SSL 128-bit encryption.


Will my web site be able to integrate with your gateway?

Yes, our API is very simple to follow. We also offer around the clock technical assistance if you have any questions or need help with implementation.


Do you have customer service for your services?

Our solution is fully backed up with a full service customer service department for you, the merchant, and your paying customers.


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