Offshore Banking Service

Exclusive offshore banking service

After setting up an offshore company, the foremost requirement will be to set up an offshore bank account to manage your finances with ease, and make the most out of your valuable time. Once your offshore investment bank accounts have been established, you will enjoy several offshore banking services.

Here are some of the top benefits

  • Offshore platinum debit cards, allowing you access to your money from over 20,000 ATM machines located across the world. The credit cards can be issued under your offshore IBC name, affording you complete privacy when accessing your funds. We can set up your IBC in as little as five days because we provide customized offshore IBC service.
  • You will enjoy accessing your offshore investment accounts or offshore bank accounts online anytime from the comfort of your home. You can verify your account balances, transfer funds and make stock purchases without any hassle.
  • If you are using offshore merchant processors you will be able to settle your funds to the the newly estabished bank account in a confidential setting.
  • You can set up offshore trading/brokerage accounts for online trading of stocks and bonds in global international markets. We can establish your brokerage account under your IBC name enabling you to keep your trading completely confidential.
  • Your corporate cheques can be issued in the name of your IBC name with your IBC name printed on each cheque operating the same as domestic onshore checking accounts.

We are aware of the confidential nature of the business of our clients and all our systems and procedures take this requisite fully into consideration. We have developed a professional banking network to help our clients to set up offshore corporate accounts and enjoy trustworthy offshore banking services.

We can establish your IBC in as little as five days, contact us now for immediate assistance.